Altimax One

Altimax One

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About this tyre

Looking for the ideal summer tyre? The Altimax One is definitely the “one” that you have been looking for. The smart design of the Altimax One passenger line guarantees maximum performance for everyday driving in both wet and dry conditions ensuring longer tread life.

The three-groove tread pattern delivers precise handling and braking and will be able in 12 sizes for rims 15 inches and larger. Popular fitment models include the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta.

  • Dry Driving Conditions
  • Wet Driving Conditions
  • Improved Tread Life and Fuel Economy
  • Visual alignment indicator (VAI) for reduced tyre wear and premature tyre replacement
  • Replacement Tyre Monitor (RTM) for replacement tyre warning and safer driving conditions

Dry Driving Conditions

The Altimax One guarantees a safe and sturdy drive in dry conditions. The smart design includes shoulder blocks to allow for added stiffness guaranteeing more responsive steering, enhanced road grip and trustworthy braking performance under dry conditions.

Wet Driving Conditions

The Altimax One is also reliable in wet conditions. Numerous gripping edges have been included in the design to displace water in wet conditions. This displacement allows for more responsive handling and control in slippery conditions for driver and passenger safety.

Tyres, such as the Altimax One, have higher wet-grip performance. Wet-grip performance reduces braking distance under wet conditions guaranteeing driver and passenger safety in rainy or wet conditions.

Improved Tread Life and Fuel Economy

The new silica-enriched tread compound used in the design of the Altimax One minimizes tread wear. This means that you can drive for longer without having to replace your tyres.

The smart design does not only improve road performance and handling, but fuel efficiency too. The Altimax One has improved rolling resistance which lowers fuel consumption and, as a result, CO2 emissions.

Get more tread and better fuel economy with Altimax One.

Visual Alignment Indicator

The Altimax One design includes a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI). The VAI is able to track uneven alignment resulting in uneven tread wear. This technology is able to extend the tread life of the tyre and allow for smoother driving performance over time by preventing irregular tread wear.

Replacement Tyre Monitor

Included in the Altimax One design, is a Replacement Tyre Monitor (RTM) which indicates the point at which the user should replace their tyres. “Replacement Tyre Monitor” is inscribed three times on the rib of the tyre. Once the tyre has worn down to the “Replace Tyre” inscription, the user knows it is time to purchase replacement tyres.

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