Franchise Information

Representing BestDrive allows owners to enjoy the benefits of having a discerning customer base, premium fitment centres, and a vast network of support.

BestDrive is an exciting fitment centre franchise established by Continental AG, which will be managed and run by ContiTrade Africa.

The Tyre Fitment industry in South Africa consists of many well established retail brands and independent retailers who have worked hard to earn the loyalty of the South African customer. With the presence of four local tyre manufacturers and imports ever on the increase into South Africa, the market is well traded. This does not make it an easy industry for newcomers to enter.

Although ContiTrade’s primary focus is to convert from within the existing industry, newcomers are considered. ContiTrade’s franchise team is positioned to fully share their experience of the market so that any potential newcomer is fully aware of the challenges that will face them. Newcomers will be supported with as much information as possible so that an educated and informed decision can be made.

BestDrive is aimed at the business owner who is looking for a tyre fitment solution, but who knows that offering more than just tyres is important to the community and the small businesses that form the foundation of their customer base.

BestDrive’s marketing efforts are focused on the individual store owners’ unique customer base. Seven company-owned operations based in the challenging trading environment of Gauteng, have provided retail knowledge and solutions that are shared with franchise partners. Having access to company owned retail operations, the existing franchise footprint, and the backing and support of Continental AG, has positioned ContiTrade to continue to grow franchise opportunities.