At BestDrive, we’ll make sure that your car battery is in tip-top working order so that you can drive safely knowing you’re backed by BestDrive.

All our fitment centres stock a wide range of new car batteries from leading suppliers like: Saba and Willard batteries. BestDrive fitment centres are  located throughout South Africa with over 140 for you to choose from.

An added benefit from buying your car battery at one of our BestDrive fitment centres is that when your battery fails, we will test it and if necessary, replace your battery as professionally and quickly as possible.

To avoid your vehicle not being able to start, we advise that you check your car battery every year, after it has reached the three-year mark.
To make sure your battery does not need replacing, please go through this battery-health checklist:

  • Your dashboard warning light appears in the shape of a battery, this is the most noticeable warning sign that your battery is experiencing problems and may die soon.
  • You notice that your vehicle is taking longer to start than normal.
  • You find yourself having to give your car a little gas to help get it to start.
  • You notice that your car battery case appears to be swollen due to being exposed to excessive amounts of heat or cold.
  • Your car sometimes will not start.
  • You regularly have to jump start your car’s battery even if you did not leave the headlights on.

If you can relate to any of the above warning signs or want to avoid experiencing them, please contact or visit your nearest BestDrive fitment centre now. Here our professional team will give you advice on your car battery and help you find any specials or promotions we may be having.