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Altimax One S

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

The Altimax One S is the ideal summer tyre for high-performance vehicles. The four-groove tread pattern delivers precise handling and braking and will be available in 37 sizes for rims between 15 and 20 inches covering a broad selection of mid-size high performance vehicles. Popular fitment models include the VW Golf and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The smart design of the Altimax One S passenger line guarantees enhanced performance road performance when driving in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Dry Driving Conditions
  • Wet Driving Conditions
  • Improved Tread Life and Fuel Economy
  • Visual alignment indicator (VAI) for reduced tyre wear and premature tyre replacement
  • Replacement Tyre Monitor (RTM) for replacement tyre warning and safer driving conditions

Dry Driving Conditions

When driving a high-performance vehicle you need the reassurance that your tyres will remain reliable under any circumstances. The Atlimax One S promises a safe and reliable drive in dry driving conditions.

Shoulder blocks have been included in the innovative tyre design to provide additional stiffness. This enhancement allows for more responsive steering, improved grip and reliable braking performance in dry driving conditions.

Wet Driving Conditions

The innovative design of the Altimax One S includes gripping edges to allow for better water displacement in wet driving conditions. This improved water displacement guarantees responsive handling and improved road-grip when driving in wet conditions.

Wet driving safety is improved due to the included wet-grip performance feature. With the assistance of wet-grip performance, braking distance is reduced when driving in rainy or wet conditions.

Improved Tread Life and Fuel Economy

The Altimax One S is manufactured with the new silica-enriched tread compound which minimizes tread wear. This new tread compound allows the user to drive for longer without concern for early tyre replacement.  

The innovative silica-enriched tyre design promises greater fuel efficiency. The Altimax One S innovative design allows for lower rolling resistance. With less road resistance, less fuel is consumed while driving. Lower fuel consumption will not only save you money, but reduce CO2 emissions as well.

Visual Alignment Indicator

The Altimax One S smart design includes a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI). The purpose of this smart monitor is to track uneven wheel alignment which results in uneven tread wear. By using this smart technology, the user is able to extend their tread life by ensuring that irregular tread wear is not occurring over time.

The VAI is able to track uneven alignment resulting in uneven tread wear. This technology is able to extend the tread life of the tyre and allow for smoother driving performance over time by preventing irregular tread wear.

Replacement Tyre Monitor

The Replacement Tyre Monitor (RTM) comes standard with all Altimax One S tyres and indicates the point at which the user needs to replace their tyres. The words “replacement tyre monitor” are inscribed three times in the rib of the tyre. Once the tread has worn down to the “replace tyre” inscription, the user needs to purchase replacement tyres.

The RTM is very useful in helping the driver maintain optimal driving safety and maximum driving performance.