Passenger Tyres MATADOR

MP47 Hectorra 3

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

High level of driving safety in the wet

  • Four wide grooves around the circumference hold a tremendous volume of water, improving its displacement. Driving safety is improved on wet roads and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced.

Good handling and shorter braking distances

  • Rigid blocks and ribs in the centre improve the transfer of traction and braking forces to the road. This results in a direct steering response. On dry roads the handling is good and braking distances are short.

Increased mileage

  • The tread pattern has been optimised in terms of the distribution of material and rigidity between the tread elements. Abrasion is reduced as a result of the even pressure distribution on the contact area. This leads to increased mileage and tyre life.

Reduced noise

  • The noise emissions caused by tread elements in the centre of the contact area are reduced as a result of the closed outer shoulder. This reduction in noise enhances the tyre's driving comfort.