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BestDrive Supports Willard© Blue Battery Campaign

BestDrive is proud to support Willard’s Blue Battery Campaign, which aims to tackle the threat of plastic pollution to our oceans. As part of the campaign, Willard has launched a limited-edition Blue Battery, now available at BestDrive tyre dealerships across South Africa.

Inspiration for the Willard Blue Battery stems from the widespread negative impact of plastic on marine life. Every year, 100 000 marine mammals die as result of plastic pollution, while more than a million sea birds perish from the ingestion of plastic. With an estimated 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste entering the ocean each year, collecting and recycling plastic is a crucial counteractive measure.

Willard’s Blue Battery Campaign highlights the harm caused by plastic waste and encourages consumers to get behind the practice of recycling plastic. With the purchase of every Blue Battery, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Beach Co-op, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the health of the ocean.

Clean oceans are a pivotal part of the ecosystem. Besides for being home to marine life, oceans influence the weather and serve as an essential source of food and oxygen - producing 70% of our oxygen and feeding over a billion people around the world. 10% of the world’s population also rely on fishing-related activities for their livelihoods.

The Beach Co-op focuses on removing single-use plastic from South Africa’s beaches, which often land up in the ocean and go on to harm sea creatures. Drawing on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ methodology, they remove the following 12 litter items commonly found on shores across the country:

  1. Carrier bags
  2. Chip packets
  3. Cigarette lighters
  4. Cooldrink bottles
  5. Cooldrink caps
  6. Earbuds
  7. Fishing line
  8. Match sticks
  9. Plastic lollipop sticks
  10. Straws
  11. Sweet wrappers
  12. Water bottles

By purchasing a Willard Blue Battery and making a pledge to reduce and recycle plastic waste, you too can make a positive contribution to the protection of our oceans. Register your battery here, and you will also stand the chance of winning a weekend for two at Hermanus – flights, accommodation and a Big 5 Sunset Sea Safari included.

BestDrive’s commitment to sustainability extends to every part of the natural environment. Join us in making a difference by purchasing a Willard Blue Battery today. Click here to find a BestDrive near you today.

Willard Blue Battery

Willard Blue Battery