At BestDrive, we can check your car’s shocks for wear so that you’re ready to tackle your next adventure with confidence.


You can find our extensive range of top quality shocks absorbers for your vehicle at your nearest BestDrive fitment centre.

Shocks, or shock absorbers, are important for your safety on the road. Their primary function is to keep your car’s wheels in contact with the road. Often drivers don’t notice when their shocks wear out which is why you should get them checked, especially if your vehicle is over three years old. This is when shock absorbers become less effective and worn shocks reduce your ability to control the car.

Have peace-of-mind knowing the status of your car’s shocks. If they need to be replaced visit your nearest BestDrive fitment centre, where one of our professional and friendly dealers will check for you.

BestDrive offers a comprehensive range of quality shocks at affordable prices nationwide, including: Gabriel shocks; and Monroe shocks, available at most of our shock absorber fitment centres.

Contact BestDrive now for all your shock-related questions or concerns, from shock absorber prices to any shock specials and promotions we may be running or you can head on down to your nearest BestDrive fitment centre.