Runflat Tyres

06 June 2017
Run Flat Tyre

Changing a tyre on the side of the road is no walk in the park; and when you have to drop the kids off at school, be at a management meeting that you cannot afford to miss, navigate fast moving traffic and endure bad weather, it’s enough to have even the most considerate drivers struggling to stay calm. In addition to this, any combination of these factors could lead to a nerve-wracking, unpleasant and even highly dangerous situation.

Continental has developed a concept to keep you moving, even if your tyre has a puncture: the Continental Self Supporting Runflat (SSR) tyre, a technological concept that allows you to continue driving to your nearest point of help in safety, in the event of a sudden loss of pressure.

When a traditional tyre experiences a sudden loss of pressure, the rim of the wheel brings the full weight of the vehicle to bear on the collapsed sidewalls. Once the sidewalls collapse, the vehicle can barely be manoeuvred and the tyres are destroyed after a short distance.

Traditional Tyre

SSR Tyres

SSR technology promotes maximum safety in the event of a pressure loss. The secret of the SSR tyre lies in the reinforced sidewalls of the tyre. The reinforced sidewalls supports the rim, should the tyre suffer a loss of tyre pressure; and prevents the tyre walls from becoming squashed between the wheel rim and the road.

Most BestDrive tyre fitment centres around South Africa stock and fit the SSR tyre. Give your nearest BestDrive centre a call to find out if they have them in stock.

SSR Tyre