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Grabber A/T×

Grabber A/T×

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

The Grabber A/T× is General Tire’s new generation Aggressive All-Terrain tyre, providing exceptional off-road capability, balanced with competent on X road manners. The Grabber A/T× is strong and durable with aggressive styling, offered in only Light Truck (LT) sizes to compliment the Grabber 3 AT all-terrain product line.


Comfort Balance™ Technology

Cushioned Tread
An absorption layer under the tread isolates the vehicle from road disturbances for a more comfortable, pleasant ride

Acoustic Tread Pattern
Multi-Pitch pattern design provides a remarkably quiet and comfortable on-road driving experience while providing exceptional off-road grip

StabiliTread™ Technology

Robust Tread Compound
Provides well balanced performance with excellent tread life and cut and chip performance on gravel surfaces

Optimized Pattern Stiffness
Minimizes wear-causing distortion in the footprint

Flatter Tread Profile
Even pressure distribution extends tread life and provides confident handling

Duragen™ Technology

Robust Compound
Excellent cut and chip resistance improves tread life in rugged, challenging terrain

Ultra High Strength Steel Belts
Exceptional penetration resistance and even footprint pressure for confident stability under all approved load conditions

Broad, Flat Contour
Provides a wide, flat footprint that promotes even wear, excellent braking and responsive handling

Tyre Size

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