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Grabber TR

Grabber TR

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

Provides the off-road grip needed for gravel terrain as well as a smooth and comfortable drive on-road.
70:30 on/off

  • Enhanced off-road grip required for difficult terrain
  • Pleasantly comfortable
  • Low aquaplaning risk
  • High cornering stability
  • Long service life

Enhanced off-road grip required for difficult terrain.

A special block tread structure improve off-road grip, especially on rough terrain.

Pleasantly comfortable.

A computer-optimised tread pattern ensures a smooth ride, a high level of comfort and noise optimisation.

Low aquaplaning risk.

Grooves optimise water displacement and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Good cornering stability.

The rigid structure of the tyre stabilises steering on winding roads.

Long service life.

The wear-resistant rubber compound increases the service life and ensures excellent performance offroad and on gravel tracks.


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