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Product Breakdown

About this tyre

High performance at low cost

The Brillantis - a summer tire offering a long service life, comfort, and good grip, whatever the conditions.

The Brillantis Features

  • Long service life
  • Enhanced driving stability and comfort
  • Increased mileage performance
  • Reduced noise levels

Technical Details

  • Long service life through flat belt contour
  • Sturdy shoulder lugs minimize uneven tread wear
  • New contour shape enhances driving stability and comfort

Brillantis 2 - Technical Details

  • Flat contour, good ground pressure distribution. 
  • High mileage performance for prolonged driving fun.
  • Pleasantly low rolling noise.
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern with solid outer shoulder.
  • Substantial lateral stiffness in the outer shoulder lugs.
  • Greater safety during critical steering manoeuvres.
  • Continuous lateral grooves on the inner side, narrow sipes in the lugs.
  • Unimpeded water flow increased aquaplaning safety.
  • Short braking distances on wet roads.

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