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PremiumContact™ 5 SSR

PremiumContact™ 5 SSR

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

For mid-sized and executive class vehicles.

  • Enhanced aquaplaning performance.
  • Experience short braking distances on wet and dry roads.
  • Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with low rolling resistance, resulting in reduced noise levels.

Perfect grip and optimal handling in every driving situation.

The ContiPremiumContact™ 5 has been designed to respond to your driving, providing exceptional handling and grip on the road.

Short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces.

Thanks to its new technology, this tyre can easily grip the road in wet and dry conditions, resulting in shorter stopping distances for your safety.

Comfortable driving and improved rolling resistance.

The tyre's design allows for a more comfortable driving experience with perfect handling while reducing rolling resistance to save fuel.


ContiSeal™ is a revolutionary technology developed by Continental to seal damaged tyre treads caused by foreign objects such as nails. This technology eliminates the need for immediate roadside tyre changes, as the holes remain sealed even if the puncturing object is dislodged. ContiSeal™ is a sticky and viscous sealant layer that is applied to the inside of the tyre in the tread area. It seals up to 80% of tyre punctures, significantly reducing the risk of flat tyres. To identify them easily, ContiSeal™ tyres are marked with a symbol on the sidewall, and they are compatible with all commonly available rims.

SSR system

The SSR system, developed by Continental, is a run-flat technology specifically designed for low-section tyres that are compatible with all standard rims. It features a self-supporting reinforced sidewall that prevents the tyre from slipping off the rim or being crushed between the rim and the road in case of a puncture. This eliminates the need for a spare tyre, which reduces weight, improves fuel efficiency, and provides up to 80 litres of extra space in the trunk. It is highly recommended, if not yet mandatory by law, to fit all four positions with SSR tires.

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