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PremiumContact™ 5 SUV

PremiumContact™ 5 SUV

Product Breakdown

About this tyre

Perfect grip and optimal handling in every driving situation

  • Computer-optimised macro blocks maximise the contact area of the tyre when strong lateral forces are present and when braking or changing lanes at high speed. In addition, they provide considerably improved tread stability – for perfect handling and outstanding grip, even in extreme driving situations.

Short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces

  • Newly developed 3D edges prevent the tread blocks from curling and deforming while braking, providing even pressure distribution. Additionally, block edges penetrate the water film on the road in wet conditions, similar to a windscreen wiper. This results in even shorter stopping distances on dry and wet surfaces in particular.

Comfortable driving and improved rolling resistance

  • The combination of a flexibly designed tyre shoulder and reinforced bead area ensures optimum flexibility with increased stability of the side wall. This results in noticeably more comfortable driving with perfect handling and improved rolling resistance.

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