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Vanco™ Eco

Vanco™ Eco

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About this tyre

For transporters and vans..

  • Cost-effective due to optimised rolling resistance
  • Short braking distances, even on wet surfaces
  • Perceptible car-like handling

Cost-effective due to optimised rolling resistance.

With its new silica tread compound, developed to reduce rolling resistance, and particularly firm tread, the VancoEco™ is an impressive performer. Its flat contour and reduced tread depth ensure less deformation of the tyre during rotation even under a heavy payload. The result: lower fuel consumption due to reduced rolling resistance.

Short braking distances, even on wet surfaces.

Due to the increased loading capabilities of light commercial vehicles, high demands are placed on the braking performance of van tyres, especially in wet conditions. The gripping edges of the pattern blocks create a windscreen wiper effect and ensure an optimal interlocking with the road surface for short braking distances.

Perceptible car-like handling.

High tread rigidity and a firm tread pattern with a solid tyre shoulder enable the optimal transfer of lateral forces and gives the vehicle more perceptible car-like handling.

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